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A house is made of walls and beams, a home is built with love and dreams. Let’s help our veterans build their dreams.

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Steadfast Support, Stable Housing For Veterans

After spending over 20 years in California working with Fathers and Mothers Who Care (FMWC), Mr. Clark relocated back to his home state of Texas and began offering services throughout the state with a specific focus on Houston because the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Administration (VA) Medical Center is located in Houston and is one of the largest regional VA’s in the United States. While continuing to partner with FMWC Mr. Clark formed Urban Services Unlimited (USU) and started locating housing and jobs for veterans in Houston. His relationships with the Houston VA enabled him to identify hundreds of veterans with a tremendous need for our services. This has now led us to the point where we are ready to purchase a property in the Houston area that will allow us to provide permanent housing, career training, rehab, mental health, and other wrap-around services all in one facility. USU will retain the services of Fathers and Mothers Who Care, under a property management agreement to staff and manage the property.

Program Services

  • Immediately provide a safe housing location for Veterans.
  • Provide 2 stable meals per day. A local caterer has agreed to provide breakfast, and a full dinner, to the Veterans.
  • Provide reliable transportation to the VA for all their healthcare needs; as well as transportation to other locations on an as-needed basis.
  • Provide job training in areas of employment that employers are demanding in today’s competitive market.
  • Provide financial literacy and small business development training including set up of their own LLC. Assisting Veterans with improving their personal credit and building business lines of credit.

Our Services

Veterans Deserve Safe And Affordable Housing


Housing for veterans is a critical service that aims to provide safe, stable, and affordable housing options for military veterans who may be experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness. This service is designed to address the unique needs of veterans and help them transition to civilian life with dignity and security.

Job Training

Job Training services for veterans play a crucial role in helping military veterans transition to civilian life and find gainful employment. These services are designed to provide veterans with the skills, knowledge, and support needed to secure meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities.

Job Placement

Job Placement services for veterans are essential in assisting military veterans in finding suitable employment opportunities after their service. These services are designed to connect veterans with potential employers, help them navigate the job market, and provide support throughout the job search process.

Transportation to VA

Transportation to VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) service is a crucial service designed to assist veterans in accessing healthcare, benefits, and other VA services by providing them with transportation to and from VA facilities. This service recognizes the unique needs of veterans, many of whom may face challenges in getting to their VA appointments due to various reasons, including disabilities, lack of access to reliable transportation, or geographical distance.

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Honoring Service With A Roof Over Your Head

Service Price Duration Category
Skills Assessment 20.00 0:15 Job Training
Unit Tour 20.00 0:15 Housing
Job Matching And Placement 10.00 0:15 Job Placement
Medical Appointment Transportation 20.00 0:15 Transportation To VA

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Together, we can provide the housing support our veterans deserve and help them embark on the next chapter of their lives with dignity, security, and hope.

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